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January 16, 10

Iraqi Soldier Fail!

this has nothing to do with islam* its not meant to be racist


December 24, 09

Aunt Arctic Tracker! %100 Works

Hi all! I found a Aunt Arctic tracker and it works.If you still didn’t see Aunt Arctic check out to tracker.

Good Luck !
Let us what do you think!

December 23, 09

Screenhog’s Do Not Miss List

Season’s Greetings Penguins. Screenhog here!
The Holiday Party will be done on December 28th and we didn’t want you to miss anything.

• Santa’s Sleigh Ride – did you deliver all the presents and get your prize yet?
• Lighthouse Stage – did you get the chance to try out the new song?
• Pictures With Santa – in the Book Room upstairs in the Coffee Shop!
• Coffee Shop – have you tried clicking the toy train running along the top?
• Pizza Shop – have you tried clicking the various plates and foods on the table?
• Toy Trains – speaking of which, did you find all the toy trains around the island? I found 4!
• Did you know? – you can see the giant tree in the Forest from the Cove?
The team’s always planning new stuff for you and we’d like to know the things you liked most about this party.

December 22, 09

Happy Holidays!

Hello Penguins! The party’s in full swing and everywhere you look, penguins are into the holiday spirit! Penguins in tree suits are decorating, reindeer are ice skating at the Dock, and lots of elves are making toys and singing songs. Let us know all the cool stuff you and your buddies are doing. 

It’s awesome to see you all having so much fun! In other news, the results of Coins for Change and the winners of the igloo contest are gonna be announced on December 24th – so check out the blog and the newspaper Thursday!
Good Luck To All!
Let us what do you think ?

Club Penguin Christmas!

Hey all!
I have a great new for you.But i think your all know it! Yeah! It’s Christmas.New Christmas Party is awesome.Club Penguin team prepared it nice.There are few items for the Party.Here’s how to get Santa Suit:

1.Go to the upstairs of the Night Club.
2.Enter the Santa Sled.

When you go on top of chimneys then put 15 gift into it.
You will see the Santa Suit item on your screen. Just click on it to get.
Congratulations! Now you have Santa Suit item.There is also one other item for new party.It’s a old item but Club Penguin Team still bringing it for Christmas party. Here’s how to get Santa Hat
1.Click on your Map.
2.Go to the Ski Village and click on Santa Hat.
-Penglo, Sirrah, Hunbun18-
We hope that helped.

November 20, 09

New card-jitsu cards!

Hi all! My awesome mum just got me 3 packets of card-jiysu cards I will show you some pictures. I got three power cards and I think a few rare cards

they are 3 power cards

that is a better picture. Sorry my samsung tocco hasnt got a good camera!

This is the golden puffle power card

That is the sensei and herbet power card!

this is when I decide to turn the light on and I think it worked!

oops that picture didnt go very well. I am not a photgrapher I am a video recoreder. Photo graphs are not my strong point

Is that clear enough. Well I am trying to show that it says 2/68 so I am wondering is that rare or not?? I heard it is…..

that is the closest I got get. The good thing is that I had 3 card-jisua codes left and I will be giving them out here on this site before and maybe if I get more after christmas!



Ninja pictures

Hi everyone. Look at these club penguin ninjas!

Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Checking Tool

Do not copy these imagines from my site unless you have premission from me. If you want these imagines find them yourself or contact me and we an come to an arangement at


New igloo cheats

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Hey guys! The new Igloo Upgrades Catalog has been updated! Watch the video below for all the Hidden Items in the catalog.

That’s all for now, keep visting and don’t forget to comment!

~ browers~

from :

November 16, 09

Billybob just posted a new post!

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Check it out here club penguin

or check out the picture!

Once you’re a ninja, get the golden Amulet and head to the new Fire Dojo! I can’t give away all the surprises… but I can tell you that up to 4 ninjas can play at once!! And just like in the original Card-Jitsu game, you’ll be able to enter codes from your offline cards to add to your online coll~ection.


 Oh and please drop a comment!

November 15, 09

Ninja O’ Dark Revealed! *Exclusive*

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Hello Penguins! Well there alot of rumors saying that Sensei has told us that there will be a Ninja, called “Ninja O Dark” that gonna help us on our next journey to the fire path. Guess what I found out? Well an actually picture of Ninja O’ Dark on how he gonna look when he comes to Club Penguin and help out! Check out this Exclusive Picture!

Awesome right! This not an edited! I could not just make that penguin out of my own hands! LOL! This is an very exclusive picture! Now tell me what you guys think! I will have a tracker very soon for this, ! Man I can’t wait to see him on CP! Comment on what you think!

These text and pictures are from

All credit goes to


November 13, 09

Hi everyone, a lot is happening on club penguin recantly

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Hi everyone, a new stage, new postcards , new club penguin page , new ninja amulet and a new pin. So here are the club penguin cheats for all of that. We will start of with the stage because thats the hardest

It is very easy to get in the normal part of the stage, but there is a secret room with a secret pin which I am not quite sure about getting in. I think there are 2 ways. On the ground there are X on the flour. You need to stand or site on them all (with your mates) to open one of the portals This worked a few times but its still rather tricky

New postcards3

so when you get in with your freinds you need to find some Xs and sit on them. Then a portal should open and you can quickly go through. Or you can wait for one to open. This works best for me because every-so-often and portal opens.

New postcards4

Ok once you get in, your not finished. There is a pin inside the chest.  Again the same rules appy with the sitting on the X and waiting for it to open. Once it opens quickly click on the pin

New postcards5

sorry I couldnt get on an empty server becuase it would take ages to open the chest and even get into the secret room!

New postcards

also today club penguin made some new cards which are really cool!

New postcards2

Now when you go to the ninja hideout you can get the new ninja amulet and go into the club penguin fire room which I cant get in becuase I am not a member

New postcards6

Club penguin are getting ready for club penguin fire


November 9, 09

Coin Code contest (wow)

Hi everyonebody I am having a series 3 coin code contest on 😀

Here are the details. There are also tips on That have acually helped me win 4/7 ones I have been in 🙂

coin code contest

If you cant read that then here is what it says 🙂

Hi everybody, I have decided to have a coin code contest at

So hear are the times you should be there

12:30 pst to 12:45 pst

PST means penguin standard time. Pst is 8 hours slower than English time

The lucky winner will have a chance to meet browers



November 8, 09

New Card-Jitsu Updates

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Hi everyone,Browers here.There is a new game comming to cp called card-jitsu fire (only for members) take a sneek peak

New fire hideout1

 think you enter here

New fire hideout

This is where i will be played

~browers~ 😉

November 7, 09

Hi everyone browers here!

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Hello everyone, browers here. I am the new main owner now on this site and cant wait to start! I guess we are all sad that keelers left 😦  Thanks to him I now own 2 great sites . Also my site is 😀 Please visit! Anyway now to the catalog cheats 😀

catalog cheats 2

Click the mushroom to unlock the black cape 😀

WInter catalog cheat 1

click the dojo in the background to unlock the red viking helmet and click it 4 times for the blue viking helmet 😀

WInter catalog cheat 2click the white puffle for the dizzy hair style 🙂

WInter catalog cheat 3

click the o in *penguins at work* to unlock the black super hero mask

Thats all for now peeps.

Cya 🙂

~browers~ main  owner

November 6, 09

Sunderham Quits Club Penguin Blogging.

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Yo Peepz!

This will be my last post on a Club Penguin Blog. I am quitting. The reasons are:

  1. Club Penguin is getting boring.
  2. I can’t update this blog every day.
  3. It takes up too much time.

I started CP Blogging In January 2008 Because I Thought it was A fun game at the time, and I made a blog which wasn’t that popular. Since then, I’ve worked on a few sites and become popular.

I spent a few hours a week in front of my laptop talking to all my good friends. Here are some of them.

Blue Buru






I would like to thank EVERYONE who has helped me with the blog and all, and I hope to see you again on the future. I will post on my Sports Blog which is:

Thanks Everyone for a great life,



October 30, 09

How to get the Silly Scarecrow Suit on Club Penguin!

There is no updates today, but there is a new outfit for the Hallowe’en party! It’s members only, but I managed to get a picture of it! Here’s how to get the Silly Scarecrow Suit:

1. Open up your map.

2. Go to the Mine Shack.

3. Go to the Haunted Mansion.

4. Walk up to the Silly Scarecrow Suit.

Silly Scarecrow Suit

Scarecrow Outfit Item

Congratulations! You have now found the Silly Scarecrow suit on Club Penguin! Now you have to show it off to your buddies on Club Penguin!

-Sunderham, Universal Penguins Owner.

October 28, 09

Card-Jitsu Contest Today! *CANCELLED*


It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest so I decided to have one! The time will be 2pm PST, which is 9pm UK & Ireland and 4pm EST. It will be a card-jitsu code! If I see you guys are trying hard, I will put another one up!


October 26, 09

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2009 & Scavenger Cheats!

I am not able to upload pictures so this post is credited to Chrisdog93 of

The Club Penguin Halloween party is here! Club Penguin decided to release the party early. There is a scavenger hunt for all players and a secret lab for members only. But before you do those, you have to pick up the free item at the Plaza. It’s called the Pumpkin Antennas.



Now that you have the first free item, it’s time to start the Scavenger Candy Hunt.

Click on the Jack o lantern in the upper right to begin your candy hunt.


The first candy is at the Lodge Attic. Click on the jack o lantern between the two couches in the back.


The second candy is at the Dock. Click on the pumpkin, then click on the candy corn.


The third candy is at the Pet Shop. Click on the candles, then click on the lollipop.


The fourth candy is at the Cove. Click on the purple candy, then click on the purple candy.


The fifth candy is at the Pool. Click on the pumpkin above the windows.


The sixth candy is at the Soccer Pitch. Click on the candy cube inside the lights.


The seventh candy is at the Forest. Click on the brushy bush, then click on the candy apple.


The eighth candy is at the Mine. Click on the area of green slime, then click on the green candy.


Now that you have found all of the candies, click on the claim prize button to get the Jack O’ Lantern background.


Now for the member’s only stuff. If you are a member, you can pick up the free Pumpkin Head inside of the Haunted House at the Mine Shack.



But wait! There’s another member’s only item in Gary’s Secret Lab. Go to the Mine and click on the light. It will act as a switch and open the Secret Lab. Go through the tunnel.


Here’s a picture of the Secret Lab. My sneak peek from a week ago was right!


You can purchase items from the Monster’s Maker catalog. Only members can buy items.


Here’s a list of all the items you can purchase:

  • Ogre Ears – 300 coins
  • Alien Thinking Cap – 350 coins
  • Skeleton – 450 coins
  • Bird Mascot Head – 450 coins
  • Fuzzy Experiment – 400 coins
  • Purple Carapace -330 coins
  • Big Bad Wool Hooves – 200 coins
  • Bunny Slippers – 200 coins
  • Frankenfeet – 220 coins

Wow! This party is definitely my favorite party in Club Penguin History! There is so many free items, amazing decorations, a great background, a scavenger hunt and tons more fun! Oh, I almost forgot to mention my outfit! How do you like it? I might wear it occasionally. I’m really diggin’ the blue exclusive hat. What do you think?

October 24, 09

Club Penguin 4th Year Anniversary Party!

WOOT! Club Penguin is officially 4 years old! Happy b-day CP! There’s an awesome party and the Coffee Shop looks awesome! Get the awesome light blue and pink party hat there!

Click the Pinata:


It will swing from side to side. The hat will fall from the pinata. Walk over to it.

Anniversary Party Hat

4th Year Hat

I LOVE the new party hat colours! What about you? Leave a comment to let me know!

Club Penguin Year 4 Anniversary Pin!

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There’s a new pin on Club Penguin! Here’s how to get the 4th Anniversary Pin:

1. Open your map.

2. Click on the Plaza.

3. Click on the manhole cover outside the Stage.

4. Walk into the Boiler Room.

5. Walk over to the pin.

4th Anniversary Pin Boiler Room

4th Anniversary Pin

Congratulations, you have the 4th Year Anniversary Pin!

October 20, 09

Club Penguin Have Released the Series 5 Treasure Book!

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WOW, Check.It.Out! Club Penguin have released the Series 5 Treasure Book! I thought it would be at Christmas when they release a new one, but anyway. I’m guessing Series 6 is out at Christmas coz they release one every two months. Right, check out this awesome vid:

WOAH! The exclusive items rock ma socks 😉 What do you think of the new treasure book?


October 18, 09

Sunderham Is Back!

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Hey Guys!

It’s me Sunderham, and I’m back to fix this site. ;D

October 17, 09

Penglo Back To Posting!

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Hi all! Penglo is here 😉
I’m here to posting again 🙂 you know i used to post on this site with my brother Sirrah! Hes back on posting so im too 😉

October 16, 09

New Igloo Catalog Is Came!

Hi Everyone!

Sirrah Here! New Club Penguin Better Igloo catalog is came! I think new furnitures are awesome. I like Halloween. Here’s new catalog picture.

That’s All For Now = )

August 22, 09

New Stage Today!

Hello Penguins!

We’ve traded clouds for claws – today the play Underwater Adventure starts at the Stage!The team’s really excited about the Stage’s new catalog – did you check it out yet? There’s lots of buzz about how cool it might be for penguins to wear a lobster costume – and I have to admit I can’t wait to see some of the crazy mix & matches you guys are going to create with them…

Let us know what you and your friends think of the Underwater Adventure!

Until then…Waddle on!-Penglo

August 20, 09


Hi all! Penglo here!
Newspaper came out today.And if you didnt check it then i will show you some photos of the new newspaper 🙂

Festival of Flight ends today.

Thats the upcoming events.
1.Underwater Adventure starts in August 21.
2.Sports Catalog will be updated.
3.New better igloos catalog will be updated.
4.New pin soon.


August 19, 09

Happy77 talks new play!

Greetings Penguins!

There’s a new play at the Stage on Friday called Underwater Adventure. I know lots of you are curious about it, so I talked to some of the artists who worked on it. Here’s the scoop:

What inspired you about doing the costumes?
For one of them, a delicious meal I once had was the inspiration… Mmm…so tasty…

Tell us something cool about the set!
There’s an entire sea castle to climb in! And a secret shadowy sea creature in the distance.

For this play, are there treats underwater?
Well, chocolate bars tend to get a little soggy, and cotton candy is a mess…we could have tried sea salt taffy – but I’m pretty sure we didn’t.

It starts Friday! Head down then and make a splash.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

p.s. Yay to the Festival of Flight happening for longer than planned. It’s so amazing to have the island up in the air – hope you keep enjoying it. It comes down tomorrow.

Party Extended (& a play on its way)!

Hello Penguins!

Since the Festival of Flight party started, lots of you have been asking for it to stay past the 18th. So guess what? Don’t pack up your jetpacks and propeller caps just yet because we’re going to keep Club Penguin in the air for longer than planned!

The Festival of Flight will stay up until August 20 – just in time for the Underwater Adventure to start on August 21 at the Stage!! We hope you’re using your aviator glasses – soon you may be trading them in for lobster claws…

Until then…Waddle on!

August 4, 09

New Safe Chat Servers Game- Hide and Seek

Hi Everyone! Sirrah here! Club Penguin Team bring new game for safe chat servers and safe chat penguins. I think Hide and Seek game is very funny.


August 3, 09

New Toy Sailboat Pin!

Hi Everyone! Sirrah here!New Toy Sailboat pin came today! Go to Coffee Shop to get this pin. If you haven’t toy sailboat pin get it now 😉


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